Improving Your Home Security

3 Tips To Help You Select And Install Your Home Security Cameras

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Installing security cameras in and around your home is a good way to help deter burglaries and to help catch a burglar after the break-in occurs. Before you buy and install your security cameras, here are some tips to help you choose your cameras, place them legally, and position them in the best locations in and around your home to keep you and your home safe. Choose Appropriate Camera Features If you want to install an outdoor security camera, you first may need to consider the outside temperature your cameras will be subjected to. Read More»

Fire Prevention: An Essential First Step When Starting A Hobby Farm

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Are you planning on starting a hobby farm? Have you just purchased an old farmhouse with a wooden barn and some land, and are you wondering what your first steps should be in preparing the place for your project? If so, here is your answer – before you do anything else, you should implement a fire protection plan so your farm doesn’t become one of the roughly 830 a year that experiences a barn fire. Read More»